Breaking Light
During a residency at BMoCA in Boulder, Colorado 2015, Berndnaut teamed up with scientist Steve Tomczyk from NCAR to build a prototype prism that would allow him to break light at a large scale in order to impose a natural appearance onto its surrounding as a temporary hack in the landscape.

At Teresa’s 2015
The photograph illustrates the first test on a barn from a distance of 130 meters on May 30 in Boulder, Colorado

Present(e) 2015
May 26th at Red Bull Station, Praça da Bandeira, Downtown, Saõ Paulo
In collaboration with 
Mesa & Cadeira a natural phenomenon was created onto the urban surrounding of Saõ Paulo. more: presente

Lighthouse series – Breaking Light
Every lighthouse has its own unique lighting rhythm for nautical navigation and belongs to its specific location. Through refracting the light of the lighthouse using a prism, a color spectrum is imposed onto the landscape highlighting the close surrounding of the lighthouse every time the light passes.