Until Askeaton has Street View

Askeaton is one of Ireland’s oldest communities. In the 1840, many residents immigrated to Wisconsin, US and set up a new town Askeaton.
When searched online, the first Google Street View image of Askeaton, WI was a lone red barn by the side of a road, while Askeaton, Ireland had not been captured by Google for Street View yet.

By constructing a copy of the façade of the red barn and placing this ‘prop’ along the main road in Askeaton, Ireland, the aim was that if the Google Photocar would come by to capture the original town, this image would be picked up and the Street View of both towns would then depict the same barn.

In 2012 Google completed this work by depicting the barn façade in Askeaton, Ireland on Street View.

Part of Welcome to the Neighbourhood 2009, Askeaton Contemporary Arts, curated by Michelle Horrigan.