Breaking Light
Imposing a natural appearance onto its surroundings as a temporary hack in the landscape.

– At Teresa’s 2015 | May 30th | Boulder Colorado
In collaboration with Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, National Center of atmospheric Research 
scientist Steve Tomczyk. The photograph illustrates the first test on a barn from a distance of 130 meters.

– 2015 | May 26th at Red Bull Station, Praça da Bandeira, Downtown, Saõ Paulo
In collaboration with 
Mesa & Cadeira to create a natural phenomenon in the urban surroundings and as a temporary gift to the citizens of Saõ Paulo.  more: presente 

– 2016 | July 1st Spectrum MU artspace onto the Klokgebouw for the exhibition Weather or Not

Lighthouse series
Every lighthouse has its own unique lighting rhythm for nautical navigation and belongs to its specific location. Next to being a beacon, it’s light can be the source for another rare signal when refracted through a dispersive prism. A color spectrum then highlights the close surrounding of the lighthouse in an intense saturated colour burst.

– 2015 | September 23rd, Scheveningen Lighthouse. Characteristic: Fl(2) W 10s
Curated by Satellietgroep, The Hague, with permission from Rijkswaterstaat during Todays Art Festival 2015
Berndnaut first received permission to use the lighthouse for the festival. Before proper documentation was made, inhabitants of Scheveningen complained and the permission was withdrawn.

Poster Breaking Light
Image source:  Vuurtoren Scheveningen,  J.H.Schaefer 1916

– 2016 | December 14th, Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, Western Australia. Characteristic Fl W 7.5s.
Curated by Andrew Nicholls, FORM and with the kind permission of Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Berndnaut was able to use the lighthouse of Cape Leeuwin, in the most south-westerly point on the mainland of the Australian Continent and refracted the light as a temporal interference in the surrounding. It became clearly visible that only a fraction of light gets refracted and as a consequence a bright spectrum colored the landscape every 7,5 seconds.