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Spectrum MU, 2016
MU artspace, Eindhoven
photo: Hanneke Wetzer








Nimbus Atlas, 2015
LIAN Art Space, Shanghai

3 slow-motion videos depicting self-made clouds emerging and decomposing.
The footage was captured with a high speed camera at 480 frames per second.
shot at: ATLAS Institute University of Colorado Boulder
Camera: Bret Mann






  Nimbus Duguan Himalayas Museum, 2015
Digital c-type print, framed
150 x 220 cm
photo: Nina Chen







At Teresa's, 2015
Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art + Swoon Art House Residency | Boulder, Co

During a 6 week residency at BMoCA in Boulder, Colorado I teamed up with scientist Steve Tomczyk from NCAR to build a prototype prism that would allow us to break light at a large scale.
Distance: 134 m
photo: Ascended Lens Visuals / Adam Stielstra








Presente, 2015
Mesa & Cadeira, Sao Paulo

Mesa & Cadeira is a company that believes in learning through doing. I was invited to lead a Mesa (workshop) and visualize an idea. For 6 days I worked together with 12 participants to create a natural phenomenon onto the surrounding of Sao Paulo.
Alongside a website, a postcard was produced as the document of the work.
Thanks to: Alberto Blumenschein | Annegret Kellner | Camila Simas | Carol Luck | Daniela Ruiz | Fernanda Baffa | Gabo Gesualdi | Gabriel Giacomini | Henri Honda | Joana Dambrós | Ligia Giatti | Karen Rozenbaum | Lívia Araujo | Mariana Cobra | Victor Mendizabal
photo: Mariana Cobra






Nimbus Dumont, 2014
Digital C-type Print
75 x 110 / 125 x 184 cm
Minebuilding Waterschei, Genk
photo: Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk







Nimbus Sankt Peter, 2014
Digital C-type Print
75 x 109 / 125 x 181 cm
Sankt Peter Kunst-Station, Cologne
photo: Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk






Gamut, 2014
Printed plywood
29 x 29 x 190 cm Each







1 1

Kammmerspiele, 2013
Cardboard, photomural, tiles
190 x 285 cm (6 pieces)
Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht







Unflattened, 2012
Photomural, prism, light
200x300 cm
Land of Tomorrow, Louisville, US






Nimbus D'Aspremont, 2012
Digital C-type Print
75x110 / 125x184 cm
Kasteel D'Aspremont-Lynden, Rekem, BE
photo: Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk






Nimbus II, 2012
Digital C-type Print
75x112 cm
Hotel MariaKapel, Hoorn
photo: Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk







Conditioner - Slaughterhouse, 2011
tubes, foil, ventilators, antiseptic air
Former abatoir, Ostragehege, Dresden






1 1

Neuman's Bruecke, 2011
photo prints, lamp, scent of paradise
250x320x350 cm
Mischpoke e.v., Mönchengladbach, DE
photo: Stefan Sturm

In this former dentist praxis, a room filling tropical photo print is depicted on locations where the interior has been removed or damaged, as if this promise has always been there, underneath the clinical room






1 1 1

Nimbus, 2010
Cloud in room
Digital C-type Print , 75x112 cm
Probe#6, Suze May Sho, Arnhem






1 1

Cumulus - Beeekstraat 98, 2010
Plastic model of the exhibition space, Aerogel
3,5x7x7 cm

Aerogel also known as frozen smoke consists of 99,8% air and is the lightest solid material on earth.

Cumulus - Adlergasse 1, 2011

xxxxx Cumulus- Sandradstrasse 12, 2011







1 1 1 1

Conditioner - Royal Hospital, 2010
tubes, plastics, ventilators, photo's, video, antiseptic air
Bunker project by galerie West, The Haque
Photo: Jhoeko

The works ‘Conditioner’ consists of a ventilation shaft, which leads through the gallery space, converting the air from the gallery into antiseptic air. This disinfect air we know to be clean but it doesn’t feel healthy and the first association upon entering the space is with illness.






1 1

Conditioner, 2009
tubes, plastics, ventilators, antiseptic air
0,5x0,5x43 m
Auto Italia South East, London, UK
As part of 'Automatic' curated by
Gavin Murphy and Chris Fite-Wassilak






1 1 1

Carcass Divided, 2009
foamboard, blue film
Each 157x220 cm (window)
De Kijkkasten, Amsterdam

The specific outward aspect of De Kijkkasten motivated my idea to make a sculpture fit the 7 (given) spaces. To achieve this goal I cut an existing sculpture into pieces. I am interested in how the display windows function and change the way the audience approaches an artwork. Closed display windows are often associated with, and emphasize scientific or aesthetic purposes. The original aspect of a pure constructed model has changed to a perishable one. In this case destruction even accentuates construction.






Until Askeaton has streetview, 2009
Photographic print on wood
290x800 cm

Realized in Askeaton as part of 'Welcome to the neighbourhood' 2009, curated by Michele Horrigan

Askeaton, Co. Limerick is one of the oldest towns in Ireland. In the 1840s, lots of Irish people immigrated to the US. A few people from Askeaton set up a new town in Wisconsin which they also named Askeaton.
If you look for Askeaton on Google maps you’ll find a streetview of Askeaton, Wisconsin, US. The first building you see is a barn. The original town of Askeaton in Ireland had not yet been photographed by Google and didn’t have streetview yet.
I’ve constructed a copy of that specific barn in Askeaton US, and placed this facade or ‘prop’ on the most resembling location along the main road in Askeaton Ireland. The idea is that if the Google Photocar came by, this image will be picked up, and the building will simultaneously exist in both Askeatons.

In 2012 Google completed this project by depicting the barn Facade on Street View


1Google Streetview Askeaton, Wisconsin, US

1Google Streetview Askeaton, Co.Limerick, IE


Bored Art, 2008
Lambda print
160x120 cm








Caravan Compilation, 2008
Plastic, glue
33x27x11 cm






1 1 1 1

Müllhäuserstrasse: nr.1t/m5, 2007
Paperbags, model accessories
35x15x10 cm each








When all the world is green, 2007
plaster decoration, model accessories
25x15x12 cm








Conditioner, 2007
tubes, plastics, ventilators, antiseptic air
0,5x0,5x20 m
MOOT Gallery, Nottingham, UK









Kazemat, 2007
polystyrene foam, plastic, plaster
280x300x375 cm.
NP3, Groningen
Photo: Ruud Ploeg
Copyright: NP3








Sarcophagus Americanus, 2006
polystyrene foam, plaster, roofing material, flower-boxes
155x150x206 cm.











Christus Mentionem Benedicted, 2006
(God save this house)
engraved joist, trolley
35x30x100 cm








Carcass, 2006
foamboard, carpet
98x130x290 cm.

Carcass is the skeleton of my car build from foamboard.
The fragile white material refers to architectural models and at the same time represents the metal parts that would remain of the car after burning. To indicate carcass as a model it is placed on a Persian carpet. With the car being 83% of its actual size, this is however hardly recognizable as a model. Its appearance reflects a balance between construction and deconstruction.


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