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Berndnaut Smilde
Groningen, 1978
lives and works in Amsterdam

2003-2005 MA Fine Art, Frank Mohr Institute, Hanzehogeschool, Groningen
1997-2001 BA Fine Art, Minerva Academy, Hanzehogeschool, Groningen

Solo Exhibitions
2015 LIAN Contemporary Art Space, Shanghai, CN (forthcoming)
2014 Antipode, Ronchini Gallery, London, UK
2013 Kammerspiele, Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht
2013 Land of Tomorrow, Louisville, US
2012 Platform 57, The Haque
2010 Bunker project, Galerie West, The Hague
------- Nimbus, Probe, Arnhem
2009 Carcass Divided, De Kijkkasten, Amsterdam
2008 Process Room, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, IE
2007 MOOT Gallery, Nottingham, UK
------- Collectie Marcel, DISplay, NP3, Groningen

Group Exhibitions
2015 Turner en de traditie van het sublieme, Rijksmuseum Twente, Enschede
------- Mijn Vlakke Land, FoMu, Antwerp, BE
------- A Climate Fictionalism, Hong-Gah Museum, Taipei, TW
------- Art Brussels, Ronchini Gallery, Brussels, BE
------- TodaysArt Festival 2015, Satelliet Groep, The Hague
------- Nature revelation, Ian Potter Museum of Art - Univesity of Melbourne, AU
------- The Mirror and Lamp Show
, Galerie Ton de Boer, Hilversum
------- Capturer l'éphémere, Galerie Vanessa Quang, Paris, FR
------- Size Matters, Tetem Kunstruimte, Enschede
Cosmos, 21st Century Minsheng Museum, Shanghai, CN
------- Lucht! - in de Nederlandse kunst sinds 1850, De Hallen, Haarlem
------- Reflexionen - Ästhetische Referenzen, Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie
, DE
------- La tete dans les nuages, l'Adresse Musée de la Poste, Paris, FR
------- The Daylight Show, Galerie Ton de Boer, Hilversum
------- In Light of The Building, HorizonVerticaal, Haarlem
------- I am not doing anything until I feel the need, De Nederlandse Bank, Amsterdam
------- Geometriks, Galeria Impakto, Lima, PE
------- In de wolken, CBK, Emmen
------- Wunderkammer, Tetem Kunstruimte, Enschede
------- Nieuw, nieuwer, nieuwst [2], Museum van Bommel van Dam, Venlo
2013 WIT, Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam
------- Undercover: A dialect, VISUAL centre for contemporary art, Carlow, IE
------- All Good Things..., Somarts, San Francisco, US
------- In de wolken, Museum IJsselstein, IJsselstein
------- Nimbus, DSM Collection, Heerlen
------- High Art: A Decade of Collecting, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Washington, US
------- The Uncanny, Ronchini Gallery, London, UK
------- Conversation 6, SFAC Galleries, San Francisco, US
------- Collectie Manders - Naar eenvoud en verstilling, Museum van Bommel van Dam, Venlo
------- Summer Group Show, Ronchini Gallery, London, UK
------- Solid Enough To Be Inhabited, Schloss Ringenberg, Hamminkeln, DE
------- Art 13, London, UK
------- Re:Rotterdam, Platform 57, Rotterdam
------- The Cloud, De Meerse, Hoofddorp
------- Bologna Art Fair, Bologna, IT
2012 Out of focus: Photography, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
------- Keywords 2012: Asynchronous Lifeworld, Juming Museum, Taipai, TW
------- ManifestAanwezig, Kasteel D' Aspremont-Lynden, Rekem, BE
------- Red Sky at Night, Mercer Union, Toronto, CA
------- Chaos Theory, Sala, Murat, Bari, IT
------- Nofound Photo Fair, Paris, FR
------- Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, TR
------- Viaggio al centro della Terra, Palazzo della Frumentaria, Sassari, IT
------- Secret Postcards, Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht
------- Fragile, Atelier Tarwewijk, Rotterdam
------- Utrecht Manifest No.4, Rotsoord, Utrecht
------- Supermarket 2012, with Tupajumi, kulturhuset, Stockholm, SE
------- Unflattened, Tape, Arnhem
------- Re:Rotterdam, Rotterdam
2011 Multi Solo, Tetem, Enschede
------- OSTRALE'011, Dresden, DE
------- Kammerspiele, Mischpoke, Mönchengladbach, DE
------- Zomerexpo 2011
, Gemeentemuseum, The Haque
------- Partial Illusion-Defiliecour Ekstra, Runde Ecke, Dresden, DE
2010 O Fortuna, Biënnale Gelderland, with Suze May Sho, Museum het Valkhof, Nijmegen
------- I Am Solitary I Am An Army, curated by Beers.Lambert, Surface Gallery, Nottingham, UK
------- Cantavida, with Butje (Vincent Bruijn/Jeroen Brouwer/Berndnaut Smilde), Secondroom, Brussels, BE
2009 TULCA Festival of Visual Arts, Live at No. 8, Galway, IE
------- Automatic, curated by Chris Fite-Wassilak & Gavin Murphy, Auto Italia South East, London, UK
------- Automatic, Pallas Contemporary projects, Dublin, IE
------- Welcome to the Neighbourhood, curated by Michele Horrigan, Askeaton Contemporary Arts, IE
------- The Art and Collections III, DISplay, NP3, Groningen
------- Top 40, L.A. Centre of Digital Art, Los Angeles, and UCR California Museum of Photography, US
Ut-Opia / Super City, Expodium, Utrecht
------- Visit.2008, Open studios Dublin, IMMA-ARP studios, Dublin, IE
------- NP3's Grande Biennale: Concours Néerlandais, Kunsteyssen, Alkmaar
------- Piece of the pie, Minerva Academy, Groningen
2007 Your Live Is Now A Little Shorter, My House Projects, Derby, UK
------- One; & the other painting, curated by Tim Chen Chuanxi, W139/basement, Amsterdam
------- Npeg, videobusstop, NP3, Groningen
------- Focus & diversity, alumnishow, Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen
------- She gave her hands to callosity, with Jeroen Brouwer, Medium Gallery, Groningen
2006 Intercity, De Fabriek, Eindhoven
------- = More, Kunstvlaai 6, Amsterdam
2005 Frank Mohr at OC&W, Department of Education, Science and Culture, The Hague
------- Trailer, Final Presentation MFA Painting, Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen
------- Things Apart, with Jeroen Brouwer, Expodium, Utrecht
------- De Brink, with Jeroen Brouwer, Hunze & Aa’s Waterschap, Veendam
------- FMI in Minerva Academy, Groningen
------- MFA DEFKA, DEFKA, Assen
------- PPF, curated by Roos Gortzak, Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen
2004 WHITE, with Jeroen Brouwer, Galerie Sign, Groningen
------- Sporen van het spullenbeest, curated by Wim T. Schippers, University Museum, Groningen
------- Qlub ID, with Jeroen Brouwer and Vincent Bruijn, NP3, Groningen
2003 Photophuck, NP3, Groningen
2002 Art Primeur 2002, CBK, Dordrecht
------- Lentesalon, with Jeroen Brouwer, Pictura, Groningen
------- DeFKa, Assen
2001 Galerie Boven De Bank, Groningen
------- Galerij de Lawei, Drachten
------- Final Presentation Minerva Academy, Groningen

2015 Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Artists' Residency Programme, Boulder, US
2013 YGA II, NP3 and Groninger Museum
2012 Winner Ranking the arts, NP3
------- Nomination The Silver Re:ward during Re: Rotterdam
2010 Shortlist nomination Szpilman Award
2008 Irish Museum of Modern Art, Artists' Residency Programme, Dublin, IE
------- Dutch Embassy, projectgrant
2006 Fonds BKVB, Startstipendium

2015 Neuehouse, New York, US
2013 The In-Cloud, Harpers Bazaar, US
2009 GVB public transport, Amsterdam
2005 Hunze & Aa’s Waterschap, Assen

------- Smithsonian
------- Saatchi
------- DSM
------- Frans Hals Museum | De Hallen Haarlem
------- Bonnefantenmuseum
------- Museum van Bommel van Dam
------- Cornell University
------- McCarthy Tetrault LLP
------- Privat collections

2015 Presente, Mesa e Cadeira, Sao Paulo, BR
------- Lecture, Hong Gah Museum, Taipei, TW
2014 Lecture, Cornell University, Ithaca, US
------- Lecture, AKV St. Joost, Den Bosch
------- Lecture, Frank Mohr institute, 37PK, Haarlem
------- Lecture, NP3, Groningen
2013 Lecture, Koret Auditorium, Main Library, San Francisco, US
2012 What's up #49, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam
------- Ignite 19, Mediamatic, Amsterdam
------- Patchbox, Elsewhere Factory, Cargo, Rome, IT
------- Cumulus, Hotel MariaKapel, Hoorn
------- ButjePoster, with Butje, Re:Rotterdam
------- Fitax 500, Tupajumi, Nest, The Hague
2011 Fitax 750, Tupajumi, Tent, Rotterdam

2015 Arts District, Rocky Mountain PBS
2014 Interview, Xinhua News, China
------- Interview, Fuji TV, Japan
------- 'Uncharted' ,The Forum, BBC worldservice
------- Euromaxx, Deutsche Welle
------- Kunstuur, AVRO
2013 Open Gallery promotion video, Google
------- Kunstof TV, NTR
------- Kunstuur, AVRO
------- Muse Moments, KET
------- The One Show, BBC 1
------- The Avant/Garde Diaries
------- Radio interview, De Gids.fm, Vara, Radio 1
------- Kobra om Regn, Kulturmagasinet, SVT.se
------- Interview, Discovery Channel TV
------- Bullit -The Magazine, Red Bull, Servus TV
------- Interview Reuters, London
2012 Interview BBC, The Hague
------- Radio interview, labyrint, Radio 1
------- Galileo, Tango film, ProSieben
------- Radio interview, De heer ontwaakt, Radio 2
------- Radio interview, Creative Mojo, Mark Lipinski
------- Radio interview, Dit is de dag, Radio 1
------- RTV Noordholland, Noord-Hollands Diep
------- TV interview, Noordhollands Dagblad
2011 TV interview, City Vision, Mönchengladbach
2010 Radio interview, Radio Discus, The Haque

2015 De man die de wolken maakt, Margo Vansynghel, Sabato, De Tijd
------- Architectural Digest, Hannah Martin
------- Unexpected Art, Chronicle Books
------- T magazine, Julie Baumgardner
------- The huffington Post, Maddie Crum
------- Wired, Zachary Slobig

2014 Parabol, the retooling issue, curated by Peter Weibel, Karlsruhe
------- Imagine Architecture - Artistic Visions of the Urban Realm, Gestalten
------- Post Photography - The artist with a camera, Laurence King
------- Nimbus Portland Place, Peter Yeung, Financial Times
------- Not a cloud in the sky, Florence Waters, The Daily Telegraph
------- Zwagerman kijkt, Beschouwing wolken, Joost Zwagerman, De Volkskrant
------- De Lucht blijft spannend, Henny de Lange, Trouw
------- Met je hoofd in de wolken, Metro (Netherlands, Moscow, Canada, Sweden)
------- The Art Newspaper, Art Basel Weekend Edition, 20-22 June
------- Mystery cloud in the room, DPI magazine, vol. 187
------- Wolken Temmer, Richtje Reinsma, Kunstbeeld. nr.7/8

------- The sky is the limit, Ruud van der Neut, Tableau. nr.3
------- Phénoménologie de l'Entre-Deux, Audrey Gleizes, The Modern Directory. Issue 1
------- Wat ons bove het hoofd hangt, Joep van Ruiten, Dagblad v/h Noorden

------- Berndnaut Smilde, Élémentaire zine. Issue 4
------- Nimbus Portfolio, Christie's, June
------- Elle Décor USA, June

------- Silver Lining, Harper's Bazaar Malaysia, June
------- Antipode, Carol Cordrey, The Mayfair Magazine
------- Lucht! In de Nederlandse kunst sinds 1850, Frans Hals Museum | De Hallen Haarlem (Catalogue)
------- Reflexionen - Ästhetische Referenzen, Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie
------- La tete dans la nuages, Celine Neveux, L'Adresse Musee de la Poste (Catalogue)
------- Elle Docoration, France
2013 Land Art, Metropolis M, nummer 6
------- Fascinatie voor wolken, Wim van der Beek, Kunstkrant, nummer 6
Museum bezoekers raken 'in de wolken', Peter Bekkering, Algemeen Dagblad
------- WIT Magazine, Elle Decoration, Nummer 5, 2013
------- Undercover: A Dialect, VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art (Catalogue)
------- Nerdkunst, PhilipBrink, Hugo van Woerden, Creatie, Nummer3, October 2013
------- Kammerspiele, Bonnefantenmuseum (catalogue)
------- Cloud Cover, Rachel Collins, The Irish Times Magazine
------- The In-Cloud, Laura Brown, Harpers Bazaar, September Issue
------- Cover Non Issue, Maurice Bogaert, Bram Nijssen, Non Issue #12
------- Showcase, Amandas Ong, Elephant Magazine, Issue 14
------- Advies nummer 1..., Joep van Ruiten, Dagblad v/h Noorden
------- Ooggetuige, De Standaard
------- Inspiratie uit wolken, Annelies Verbeke, NRC
------- Uitgelicht:Het wezen van de wolk, Tonie Mudde, de Volkskrant
------- Dubbelzinnige Namaakwolken, Margriet van der heijden, NRC
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------- Reviews: Berndnaut Smilde, Alexander Mayhew, Metropolis M, No 1
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------- Solid enough to be inhabited, Kris Dittel & Stephanie Seidel
------- Naar eenvoud en verstilling, Collectie Manders, Museum Bommel van Dam (Catalogue)

------- The Uncanny, Ronchini Gallery (Catalogue)
------- De Wolken van Groninger Berndnaut Smilde, Sabeth Snijders, NRC
2012 ICE Magazie 9, Istanbul Contemporary
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------- Berndnaut Smilde@ Saatchi, Niels Post, Trendbeheer
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------- Nederlandse stapelwolk vindt onderdak in Londen, Henny de Lange, Trouw
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------- Saatchi Gallery in Londen koopt Hoorse wolk 'Cumulus', Noordhollands Dagblad
------- Berndnaut Smilde, Vibeke Mascinii, MisterMotley.nl
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------- Memo - Grandi Magazzini Culturali, No 6
------- Artist Berndnaut Smilde creates indoor clouds, Maura Judkis, The Washington Post
------- Meet de man who can control The weather:.., Laura Cox, Mail Online
------- Floating cloud installation by Berndnaut Smilde, Leigda db, Design Boom
------- Artist creates clouds for fleeting installation, ABCnews.com
------- Kunstenaar maakt wolkje in wittte kapel, Connie Vertegaal, Noordhollands Dagblad
2011 O.K. Periodicals #6, Boring Issue
------- Ostrale'011, Slaughterhouse Five, catalogue
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2010 O Fortuna, Biënnale Gelderland (catalogue)
------- I am solitary I am an army, Beers.Lambert, catalogue
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2009 Automatic, Chris Fite-Wassilak & Gavin Murphy, publcation groupshow
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2008 Re-iconografie, Erik van Tuijn, NP3 (catalogue)
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